viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009


Fabián is a good spirit of the forest-covered Brdy hills between Prague and Pilsen in the Czech republic. He was a good knight, turned into a forest spirit by his ex-lover, a sorceress, during their marriage. She wanted to turn him to an evil one, but he stayed good even after his transformation. She also made his castle vanish and turned his new bride into a centaury flower. There are many locations at Brdy, which carry his name.

Fabián lives on Plesivec hill, a significant dominant of the region, where he has his garden full of healing but invisible plants, but his bed is a lone rock on an other hill named Baba, where was his knight's castle. He guards the Brdy forests and scares thieves and poachers people by a loud and fearsome yell. He is also known as Babí Jan (John of Baba) and Hejkal, but the word hejkal is also used for other forest spirits, scaring people by yelling, most of them evil. Small statues of Fabián were made from cones in the country around Brdy, depicting him as an game-keeper.

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